What We Do

Advances in genomics are rapidly presenting both great opportunities and difficult challenges for public health. The Health Behavior and Health Education (HBHE) Genetics Research Group based in the University of Michigan School of Public Health conducts research in order to understand the complex psychosocial impact of genomic discoveries and to address the ethical issues that have arisen.

Our Research

  • Genetic testing for Alzheimer's disease (The REVEAL Study)
  • Personal genomics and direct-to-consumer genetic testing (The PGen Study)
  • Whole genome sequencing in cancer care (The MI-ONCOSEQ Study)
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    Research Investigator

    Michele C. Gornick is a research investigator at the Ann Arbor Department of Veterans Affairs in Health Services Research & Development, and the Center for Bioethics Social Science and Medicine (CBSSM) at the University of Michigan. Her...