Emerging issues in public health genomics

A new review article has been published by Dr. Scott Roberts and his colleagues. This publication discusses the emerging areas of interests in public health genomics.

Three researchers from the University of Michigan, Dr. Scott Roberts, Dr. Dana Dolinoy, and Dr. Beth Tarini, recently published a review article titled “Emerging issues in public health genomics” in Annual Reviews of Genomics and Human Genetics. This publication will give you a picture about the emerging areas of interests in public health genomics. Their work describes recent advances in newborn screening and discusses the potential benefits and harms of next-generation sequencing as an expansion of the newborn screening program. In addition, their article describes various research findings from the field of epigenetics, emphasizing how the field is expected to have a major influence on future intervention and research efforts in public health. Lastly, the researchers conclude by considering various ethical, legal, and social issues in public health genomics.

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