Emerging issues in public health genomics

TitleEmerging issues in public health genomics
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsRoberts, J. S., Dolinoy, D. C., & Tarini, B. A.
JournalAnnual review of genomics and human genetics
Date Published2014

This review highlights emerging areas of interest in public health genomics. First, we describe recent advances in newborn screening (NBS), with a focus on the practice and policy implications of current and future efforts to expand NBS programs (e.g., via next-generation sequencing). Next, we detail research findings from the rapidly progressing field of epigenetics and epigenomics, highlighting ways in which our emerging understanding in these areas could guide future intervention and research efforts in public health. We close by considering various ethical, legal, and social issues posed by recent developments in public health genomics; these include policies to regulate access to personal genomic information, the need to enhance genetic literacy in both health professionals and the public, and challenges in ensuring that the benefits (and burdens) of genomic discoveries and applications are equitably distributed. We also note needs for future genomic research that integrates across basic and social sciences.

Alternate JournalAnnu Rev Genomics Hum Genet